Research in Action Showcase on March 24, 2009

The Department of Computer Science is holding its Research in Action showcase on March 24, 2009. Presentations are listed below, with full descriptions here. Look forward to seeing lots of you there!

  • Friend Forecaster: Cell Phone Software Aiding Memory for Names
  • Interactive Performance Control: A New Puppetry of Real and Virtual Robots
  • Using Language to Learn Structured Appearance Models for Image Annotation
  • SketchPad: Sketching Interface for Conceptual Design of Floor Plans
  • Towards a Comparative Database of Dysarthric Articulation
  • Linked Movie Database
  • Analyzing Ranking Algorithms on Web Graphs
  • Distributed Recommender Systems
  • Interactive Synthesis of Motion Using a Generative Model
  • Automated Ligand-Based Active Site Alignment
  • Restricted Dead-End Elimination: Pruning for a Small Number of Mutations
  • How Do Scientists Develop and Use Scientific Software?
  • Stylization of Character Motion
  • Using a Large High-Resolution Display to Process Daily Work
  • SnowFlock
  • Audience Measurement Using Computer Vision Techniques
  • Proximity-Based Authentication
  • A Granular Dynamics Solver
  • iLoveSketch
  • Buffer Sizing in Internet Routers
  • Making User-Submitted Reviews More Useful by Using Novel Extraction and Visualization
  • JSCOOP: A High-Level Concurrency Framework for Java
  • Video Browsing by Direct Manipulation
  • Precise Packet Generator
  • Spam Detection in IP Telephony
  • Criteria for Problems in Information Retrieval and the Community Extraction Problem
  • What's on the Grapevine?
  • Network Measurements Using Open Flow
  • Abstract Model Checking for Verification and Refutation
  • Extracting Keywords from Documents
  • Parallel Building Blocks
  • Learning Foreign Language Vocabulary with Contextual Translation
  • Customizing the Composition of Actions, Programs, and Web Services with User Preferences
  • Using Statistical Information to Solve Logical Constraints
  • Recovering Related Artifacts in Software Projects' History: a Comparison of Information Retrieval Based Methods
  • A User Interface with Semantic Tactile Feedback for Mobile Touch-Screen Devices

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