End-of-Term Demos on Tuesday April 14

The students in this term’s combined CSC494/CSC2125 consulting course will be doing their end-of-term demos in the Graduate Student Union at the University of Toronto between 1:30 and 3:00 pm on Tuesday, April 14. Projects include:

  • A Cost-Effectiveness Study of NFS v4
  • A Fluid Flow Simulator on GPUs
  • A Plugin Generation Wizard for a Mining Visualization Application
  • A Python Portability Layer for Version Control Systems
  • Anatomically Accurate Rendering
  • Assessing the Usability of Parallel Programming Systems
  • Automatic Generation of REST APIs from ORM Metadata
  • Benchmarking the Usability of Scientific Workflow Software
  • Book and Friend Recommendations for an Online Retailer
  • Computer Games for Studying Spatial Awareness
  • Computer Vision Algorithms on GPUs
  • Goal Modeling of Reproducible Research
  • Improving Matching in the Tesseract OCR Package
  • Improving Spam Filtering Through Network Analysis
  • Improving Spatial Modeling in a Land Use/Traffic Simulation
  • Improving a Realtime Traffic Visualization System
  • Improving the Safety Features of a Scripting Language for Handhelds
  • Integratin a Reverse Engineering Tool for Business Process Modeling
  • Integrating Speech-to-Text with Mozilla's Ubiquity Engine
  • Persistent Query Matching for Publication Notification

Everyone is welcome to attend — hope to see you there.

Note: the GSU is at 16 Bancroft Ave.