What We Mean When We Say "Community"

Two recent posts that highlight what “community” means to me:

  1. David Crow writes about Workbrain's children: companies like Dayforce and Rypple that have their roots in Workbrain, and that will themselves probably one day spawn other companies.
  2. Down in Kensington Market, the Hacklab crew are having fun doing micrometer-scale engraving with a 50 picoamp focused ion beam.

What ties them together is their openness. Despite having a company to get off the ground, Rypple’s Daniel Debow comes in to talk to my undergrad classes whenever I ask him to. Meanwhile, anyone—hell, any thing—that thnks bathtub lasers are cool would be welcome at the Hacklab. Community is knowing that a whole bunch of people will say, “The answer is yes—now, what was the question?”

Now, how do we connect students who are juggling assignments in five courses with local communities, without them having to sacrifice their grades?