Something I Don't Know How to Fix

Take a couple of minutes and read these two recent posts by David Crow:

  1. Incubators, Accelerators, and Ignition
  2. The Revolution Will Be Localized

Both are about creating or nurturing a vibrant tech startup community in Toronto, which I think is important for the city as a whole, and vital to the long-term health of the university as government funding becomes less dependable. But did you notice what’s not there? I’m the only faculty member named in the first, and while the second lists MaRS, the Ontario Science Centre, and OCAD, it doesn’t mention the University of Toronto. Can you imagine someone in Silicon Valley not mentioning Stanford or Berkeley when describing who’s involved in the local tech scene? I wish I knew how to fix this (how to get more university faculty involved in the local tech scene, not how to edit David’s posts to include them), but nothing I’ve tried so far has worked. I’m open to suggestions…