The Week in Review

Things I did this week that I was supposed to:

  1. Give a talk at the NRC on empirical software engineering and computational science.
  2. Submit grades for this term's courses.
  3. File my income tax return.

Things I didn’t do that I really needed to:

  1. File an expense claim.
  2. Start article for American Scientist.
  3. Revise at least one lecture for Software Carpentry.
  4. Send papers for the CiSE special issue on software engineering for computational science out for review.
  5. Send out a follow-up to the survey of how scientists use computers.

Things I hadn’t planned to do that were worth doing:

  1. Write a handful of blog posts about things that matter to me. (Did lots of email in the background about women in open source as well.)

Things that I did that I really shouldn’t have wasted time on:

  1. A cold.
  2. Quake Live ("Rail gun naaaation, oh yeah, rail gun nation...")
  3. Twitter.

Here’s hoping next week will be more productive…