A Fresh Crop of Summer Interns

As one term ends, so another begins, and we’re very excited to have another good team of summer interns this year:

  • Mike Conley, Severin Gehwolf, Amanda Manarin, and Nelle Varoquaux are working on OLM for Karen Reid
  • Ainsley Lawson, Samar Sabie, Sarah Strong, and Maria Yancheva are doing climate change projects for Steve Easterbrook
  • Eran Henig, Bill Konrad, Phyliss Lee, and Florian Shkurti are working on the Django-based rewrite of DrProject for me, with Ashwin Bhat, Leigh Honeywell, and a few others helping out
  • Blaise Alleyne is doing a Google Summer of Code project with Drupal

We’re kicking things off on Monday the 11th—stay tuned for progress reports.

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