Mondays This Fall

We have a green light! As I hinted back in May, I’m going to run my consulting course this fall (CSC490 for undergrads, CSC2125 for grad students), but with a twist: every project will involve doing something with the data that the City of Toronto is about to start making available for citizens to use. The course will run 3-5 pm on Mondays from September to December; we hope to know by late July or early August exactly what data sets we’ll have access to.

I’d therefore like to ask you all for help. First, if you’re a current or former student, please help me get the word out about this course. (I only have access to students’ university email accounts, which most don’t check over the summer, particularly if they’re doing a PEY internship.)

Second, if you had access to everything the city knows about itself, what questions would you ask and why? Suggestions so far have included finding out how the introduction of larger blue bins has changed the amount of recycling the city does, seeing who’s providing what kind of food at what cost to city schools, and as-close-to-real-time-as-possible updates on crime statistics by neighborhoods. What else could we build that would make your life better and help the city deal with all its myriad challenges?