Data Collaboration

Jon Udell is one of the guest speakers at the Science 2.0 talks on July 29. I asked him, “Can you bring a bucket full of links to examples of cool things people are doing with civic data that Toronto could emulate?” He responded:

This is the dilemma. There's lots of geek navel-gazing in this space but darned few tangible outcomes---and I've been looking hard for them for going on 4 years, ever since the DCStat project got going in Washington. Personally I think the focus needs to shift from cool things people are doing with civic data that cities unilaterally dump online to how cities should be collaborating with citizens to work out what questions need answering, what data is being gathered, or could be gathered, to address those questions, and how best to publish the data in order to enable the desired analysis.

He discusses this further in his post on influencing the production of public data. So let me throw it open: what do you want your city/county/province/national government to put online for you to play with, and why?