DemoCamp 21 Lineup

DemoCamp Toronto 21 is being held on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM in the Velma Roger Theatre at 333 Bloor St E. (Thanks to Mike Lee, Bonnie Schnurr, and everyone else at Rogers for the space.)

Jon Udell will be speaking about open government, calendar data, and other current interests, and we have a great lineup of other speakers as well:

  • You can't pick your neighbours, but you can pick your neighbourhood!. Saul Colt, Zoocasa. Zoocasa is a new way to search for homes in Canada. For the first time a site allows people to get search results based on what actually goes into their decision process when home shopping. Things like neighbourhoods, schools, shops and services.
  • ArtAnywhere: Where Lost artwork meets Empty walls. Christine Renaud, ArtAnywhere. ArtAnywhere allows artists to showcase their artwork online and to rent or sell it to businesses and individuals. We are launching the application in Montreal on September 26, in Toronto and New York in October 2009.
  • Bringing Social Media to Contractors. Brian Sharwood, HomeStars. HomeStars is a social media website for contractors. It's how they communicate with their clients, generate reviews, generate leads, and create 'whuffie'. Home improvement guys (and gals) are not particularly tech savvy. We provide a platform for them to communicate with their clients, who provide them feedback and reviews.
  • Create a BlackBerry/iPhone Mobile App in 5 Minutes. Alan Lysne, Cascada Mobile. Cascada Mobile Breeze enables anyone with Web 2.0 skills to create and distribute mobile apps for over 300 different phones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. Write with HTML/JavaScript/CSS, get apps that can be sold in the app stores.
  • Stories Told Together - Introducing Social Cards. Shaun MacDonald, MashupArts. For sophisticated social networkers, Mashup Arts is the social card company that delivers the most personalized, collaborative and media-rich card creation platform. We have raised $ 1.6 million in angel funding, and are ready to launch our product.
  • semantic search for city events. Dan Wood, is a new city search and social network site focusing on nightlife, events and tourism in Toronto. With 20 million visitors each year spending $4.5 billion dollars, Toronto's international cuisine, cultural events and thriving nightlife just keep getting better.
  • Guestlist - online event management. Ben Vinegar, Guestlist. Guestlist is an online event management application, with a focus on user experience, design, and simplicity. It lets event organizers sell tickets online via gorgeous looking event pages, which are built using an intuitive WYSIWYG editor. Guestlist is "getting real" applied to event management---we've built a simple solution by providing what 80% of event organizers need, and forgetting the rest. (Note: Ben is a former UT undergrad.)
  • guiGoog: Advanced Visual Power Search. Jason Roks, GuiGoog. The iconic search tool. Results matter.