Another Good Day

July 29, 2009, was the second really good day I’ve had since I started this job. In the morning, our summer students did demos that were as good as anything shown at DemoCamp 21. In the afternoon, six very smart and very eloquent people talked to an audience of about 100 about how the web is changing the practice of science. I’m very proud of our students, and very grateful to Titus, Cameron, Victoria, Michael, David, and Jon for their time.

Update: Cameron Neylon has some nice things to say about the undergrad demos:

On Wednesday morning I had the distinct pleasure of seeing a group of students in the Computer Science department at the University of Toronto giving demos of tools and software that they have been developing over the past few months. The demos themselves were of a consistently high standard throughout, in many ways more interesting and more real than some of the demos that I saw the previous night at the "professional" DemoCamp 21. Some, and I emphasise only some, of the demos were less slick and polished but in every case the students had a firm grasp of what they had done and why, and were ready to answer criticisms or explain design choices succinctly and credibly. The interfaces and presentation of the software was consistently not just good, but beautiful to look at, and the projects generated real running code that solved real and immediate problems.