City Data Projects

I had a couple of good meetings this week with Jane Zhang, Julia Smith, and Mark Kuznicki, who have kindly agreed to help steer the “Government 2.0” prjoects we’re doing this fall. We still don’t know what those projects are, but that’s OK—figuring out what can and should be built, for whom, is a big part of any entrepreneur’s life, so doing it in a sandbox will be an excellent educational experience :-).

Coincidentally, this morning brought three interesting links that I’ll point students at:

  • Twittermood is a tool that tells you how people on Twitter feel.
  • San Francisco Crimespotting (from the people who earlier brought us its Oakland predecessor). Mapping EMS incidents (police callouts, fires, etc.) is one of the first things most people ask for.
  • On a larger scale, DataSF is San Francisco's stab at Gov 2.0---neat that they're asking fairly prominently for feedback on what datasets citizens want, and why.