Announcing Basie Version 0.5

We are very pleased to announce the release of Version 0.5 of Basie, a lightweight software project forge built on Django that borrows many ideas from Trac and DrProject. As this screencast shows, its features include:

  • Multiple projects per forge
  • Role-based access control and pluggable user account management
  • Subversion repository browser
  • Cross-component search
  • Per-project wiki with standard WikiCreole syntax
  • A simple ticketing system
  • Web-based administration
  • REST API for web services
  • Available in English, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, and Japanese
  • Graphical dashboard showing project statistics and history (in beta)

Basie is still very much a work in progress (we picked “0.5” as a version number because we figure it’s halfway done :-) ), but we are very pleased with how it’s coming along, and invite anyone who is interested in trying it out, or helping with its development, to get in touch.

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