Government 2.0 Project Selection

It’s taken a little longer than planned, but what doesn’t? Here are the projects the students in our Government 2.0 consulting course have chosen to work on this term:

  • SMS for managing queues at government offices---give it your cell phone number, and it'll text you as your turn to be served comes up.
  • A "where should I live?" tool that scores potential homes by what's within walking distance.
  • Privacy auditing for a medical records management tool used at homeless shelters.
  • Dredging the web to find farmers' markets and independents selling fresh produce in the greenbelt.
  • Visualizing traffic accident data.
  • Crowdsourcing translation of city information pamphlets and other small documents.
  • Comparing individual homes' energy consumption with neighborhood averages.

Our next deadline is November 2, when students will be presenting their ideas at the City of Toronto Innovation Showcase.