Links and Presentations

All of the students in my consulting course now have projects; most have met their customers and/or have some real data to play with. Lots of other news too:

  • The City of Toronto is holding an Innovations Showcase on Nov 2-3 to brainstorm Gov 2.0 ideas. Online registration should open this coming Monday (Oct 19); hope to see you there.
  • SeeClickFix have loaded 25,000 town boundaries into their database.
  • There's a Gov 2.0 Expo in Washington DC in May---it'd be cool to see some of our projects there.
  • Good story in the Guardian about Gov 2.0 success in San Francisco.
  • Not quite Gov 2.0, but worthwhile: Random Hacks of Kindness is getting open source developers to work on projects for disaster relief.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone from the city and other organizations who has given us so much of their time: it’s been wonderful how many of you have been willing to help us out, and we’re very grateful.