Software Carpentry

  1. Oct 16: Course outline updated
  2. Oct 21: Where to publish descriptions of scientific software? Turns out there are more venues than I realized.
  3. Oct 21: Should modeling (E-R diagrams, UML, etc.) be part of the course?
  4. Oct 23: What (if anything) to teach about security?

One of the ads for the Business of Software conference that played at DevDays Toronto on Friday featured a clip of Seth Godin asking, “How do you sell something to people when they don’t know they need it?” Twelve years on, that’s still the biggest hurdle Software Carpentry faces…

Undergraduate Cross-Country Open Source Projects

  1. Oct 17: IDE Usability Survey
  2. Oct 20: Our actual development process
  3. Oct 21: When is it "planning ahead" and when is it "shaving the yak"?
  4. Oct 21: A rational response to an irrational environment
  5. Oct 22: Tools of the trade
  6. Oct 23: Developing in a distributed open source environment
  7. Oct 25: Balancing individual and team contributions when grading

…plus a bunch of status updates. Several students have written lengthy and thoughtful comments on some of the posts above that are well worth reading.