Greatest Hits

The list of contributors to the upcoming O’Reilly book on evidence-based software engineering seems to have settled down—we’re very grateful to everyone listed below for agreeing to take part, and hope that the book will be available in the summer of 2010.

  • Jorge Aranda: radical collocation vs. doors that close
  • Tom Ball and Nachi Nagappan: how to predict software failures
  • Victor Basili: a retrospective on the Software Engineering Lab
  • Andrew Begel: problems new developers encounter
  • Christian Bird: effect of organizational structure on development
  • Barry Boehm: cost to fix vs. time, and how much architecting is enough
  • Marcelo Cataldo: managing dependencies in distributed software development
  • Steven Clarke: the usability of APIs
  • Jason Cohen: effectiveness of code reviews
  • Rob DeLine: time spent communicating
  • Khaled El Emam: the effect of code size on code metrics
  • Hakan Erdogmus and Burak Turhan: test-driven development
  • Mike Godfrey: copy-paste as a principled engineering tool
  • Mark Guzdial: computer science education
  • Jo Hannay: the effect of personality on pair programming
  • Ahmed Hassan and Israel Herraiz: the constants of software
  • Barbara Kitchenham: the value of aggregate studies
  • Andrew Ko: epistemology
  • Steve McConnell: productivity differences among programmers
  • Audris Mockus: similarities and differences between open and closed source
  • Gail Murphy and Neil Thomas: the modules developers work with are not the modules expressed in code
  • Dewayne Perry: the underlying causes of faults
  • Marian Petre and Lutz Prechelt: credibility
  • Lutz Prechelt: effect of programming language choice on productivity
  • Elaine Weyuker and Tom Ostrand: providing evidence of defects before they happen
  • Andreas Zeller and Kim Herzig: mining project histories
  • Tom Zimmermann and Rahul Premraj: beautiful bug reports
  • Dieter Rombach: to be determined
  • Diomidis Spinellis: engineering requirements drive code quality
  • Forrest Shull: to be determined
  • Janice Singer: navigation in information spaces
  • Walter Tichy: the evidence for design patterns
  • Gina Venolia: what developers draw
  • Laurie Williams: pair programming

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