Wrapping Up

On the same day that the New York Times ran an article about open data and Government 2.0, the graduate and undergraduate students in this term’s consulting course did their final presentations. On deck were:

  1. Managing Twitter Conversations: Tyler Lu, Kevin Regan, Jasper Snoek, and Danny Tarlow
  2. Finding the Best Place to Live: Andrew Borzenko, Abayomi King, and James McCrae
  3. Who Has Seen My Data? Fan Dong, Lenny Han, Benton Hui, and Shobhit Jain
  4. Connecting With the Greenbelt: Michael Gorecki, Jory Graham, Mohit Jain, and Frank Li
  5. Visualizing Traffic Accident Data: David Nowak, Alyssa Rosenzweig, and Samar Sabie
  6. Crowdsourcing Translations: Betim Shahini and Peng Su
  7. Managing Waiting Lines with SMS: Dejana Bajic, Tyler de Witt, Alexander Lee, and Akhil Mathur

About 25 visitors joined us from the city, local companies, and elsewhere for an hour and a half of demonstrations and discussion. The students did well; they’re a credit to the university, and I hope they’re as proud of their work as I am.