GSoC 2010

This year’s Google Summer of Code students and projects have been posted—congratulations to them all. The list unfortunately doesn’t specify which open source organizations the projects are with, or what schools the students are from, but we’ve had a few successes:

  • Mike Conley (University of Toronto, Canada): finishing off ReviewBoard's extensions framework
  • Chas Leichner (University of Arizona, USA): a "guided replay" extension for IDLE (I'm mentoring this one)
  • Ian Lienert (University of Toronto, Canada): a naive Bayes algorithm for classifying email in Thunderbird
  • Lori Lee (University of Toronto, Canada): phpMyAdmin UI cleanup
  • Christian Muise (University of Toronto, Canada): supercharging SymPy with assumptions and logic
  • Kevin Salvesen (currently University of Toronto, but heading home to Sweden): improving the reStructured Text WYSIWYG editor
  • Sarah Strong (University of Toronto, Canada): making the clipboard work like it's supposed to
  • Felipe Vieira (Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil): RSS feeds for FreeSeer

My apologies to anyone I missed, and best of luck to everyone involved.

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