It's Gone to Production


The collection of essays on evidence-based software engineering that Andy Oram and I edited has gone to production. The final title is <a href=”<a href=””>”>Making Software: What Really Works, and Why We Believe It</a>. Individual chapters will be available as Rough Cuts from O’Reilly next month, and the book itself should be on the shelves not long after.


I’d like to thank all the people who volunteered their time; in no particular order, they and their chapters are:

  1. Tim Menzies and Forrest Shull: The Quest for Convincing Evidence
  2. Lutz Prechelt and Marian Petre: Credibility, or Why Should I Insist on Being Convinced?
  3. Barbara Kitchenham: What We Can Learn From Systematic Reviews
  4. Andrew Ko: Understanding Software Engineering through Qualitative Methods
  5. Victor R. Basili: Learning through Application: The Maturing of the Quality Improvement Paradigm in the SEL
  6. Jo E.Hannay: Personality, Intelligence, and Expertise: Impacts on Software Development
  7. Mark Guzdial: Why Is It So Hard to Learn to Program?
  8. Israel Herraiz and Ahmed E. Hassan: Beyond Lines of Code: Do We Need More Complexity Metrics?
  9. Elaine J. Weyuker and Thomas J. Ostrand: Finding Fault: Developing an Automated System for Predicting Which Files Will Contain Defects
  10. Barry Boehm: Architecting: How Much and When
  11. Christian Bird: Conway's Corollary
  12. Burak Turhan, Lucas Layman, Madeline Diep, Hakan Erdogmus, and Forrest Shull: How Effective is Test Driven Development?
  13. Michele A. Whitecraft and Wendy M. Williams: Why Aren’t More Women in Computer Science?
  14. Lutz Prechelt: Two Comparisons of Programming Languages
  15. Diomidis Spinellis: Quality Wars: Open Source vs. Proprietary Software
  16. Robert DeLine: Code Talkers
  17. Laurie Williams: Pair Programming
  18. Jason Cohen: Modern Code Review
  19. Jorge Aranda: A Communal Workshop or Doors that Close?
  20. Steve McConnell: What Does 10x Mean? Measuring Variations in Programmer Productivity
  21. Neil Thomas and Gail Murphy: How Effective Is Modularization?
  22. Walter Tichy: The Evidence for Design Patterns
  23. Tom Ball and Nachi Nagappan: Evidence-Based Failure Prediction
  24. Rahul Premraj and Thomas Zimmermann: The Art of Collecting Bug Reports
  25. Dewayne Perry: Where Do Most Software Flaws Come From?
  26. Andrew Begel and Beth Simon: Novice Professionals: How Newly-Hired Recently-Graduated Software Developers Fare in their First Software Engineering Job
  27. Kim Sebastian Herzig and Andreas Zeller: Mining Your Own Evidence
  28. Michael Godfrey and Cory Kapser: Copy-Paste as a Principled Engineering Tool
  29. Steven Clarke: How Usable Are Your APIs?
  30. Marcelo Cataldo: Identifying and Managing Dependencies in Global Software Development