Making Software Now Available on Rough Cuts


Making Software (the collection on empirical software engineering that I helped edit) is now available on Safari Rough Cuts—chapters include:

  1. A Communal Workshop or Doors that Close?
  2. Learning through Application: The Maturing of the Quality Improvement Paradigm in the SEL
  3. Conway's Corollary
  4. Architecting: How Much and When
  5. How Usable Are Your APIs?
  6. Modern Code Review
  7. Quality Wars: Open Source vs. Proprietary Software
  8. Personality, Intelligence, and Expertise: Impacts on Software Development
  9. Mining Your Own Evidence
  10. What We Can Learn From Systematic Reviews
  11. Understanding Software Engineering through Qualitative Methods
  12. What Does 10x Mean? Measuring Variations in Programmer Productivity
  13. Code Talkers
  14. Why Aren't More Women in Computer Science?
  15. Pair Programming
  16. The Art of Collecting Bug Reports
  17. Identifying and Managing Dependencies in Global Software Development
  18. Why Is It So Hard to Learn to Program?
  19. Beyond Lines of Code: Do We Need More Complexity Metrics?
  20. The Quest for Convincing Evidence
  21. Copy-Paste as a Principled Engineering Tool
  22. Two Comparisons of Programming Languages
  23. How Effective is Test Driven Development?
  24. How Effective Is Modularization?
  25. The Evidence for Design Patterns

We hope you enjoy it!