On My Way Home


I’m on my way home after two and a half weeks on the road. I have missed Sadie and Maddie more each day–Skype video calls are a lot better than just phoning, but that’s like saying that starving to death is better than dying of thirst. But the trip was worthwhile: I met lots of interesting people, and have many ideas to follow up on once I’m home.

So, with seven weeks to go ‘til the end of another year, here are my goals:

  1. Spend lots of time with family.
  2. Help Mike Conley and Zuzel Vera finish their Master's degrees on time.
  3. The gym, the gym, the gym…
  4. Prepare three more lectures for Software Carpentry, and start chasing more funding (the current money runs out in April; it's clear we'll need until August to get everything done).
  5. Revitalize the online run of the course, and organize another one to start in January.
  6. Wrap up work on my dad's book.
  7. Publicize Making Software.
  8. Start editing The Architecture of Open Source Applications.
  9. Finish one or the other of the two children's books I'm working on (for some definition of "finish").
  10. Wrap up the two undergrad projects I'm supervising.

It’s a shorter list than usual: let’s see if that means a higher completion percentage :-)