End of an Era


From http://basieproject.org:

We have decided to wind down the Basie project and put our effort into Pinax, a collection of reusable Django components designed to simplify the construction of social networking sites. We made this decision because many of the things we want in Basie are actually common to groupware of all kinds, not just software project management tools, and because students working on the project will have a better learning experience if they are embedded in an active non-academic open source community. Our first contribution to Pinax is a repository browser component with back-ends for Subversion and Mercurial. We are now working on a mailing list component, which we hope to release in December 2010.

DrProject and Basie were a lot of fun, but now that I’ve left U of T, they’re simply not sustainable. I’m grateful to everyone who supported the project: the University of Toronto, the Jonah Group, Idée, Rypple, Rogers Communications, First Media Group, Red Hat, TUCOWS, Yahoo!, and Google Summer of Code. Thanks even more to everyone who turned that support into working code: