So How'd I Do?


Back in November 9 I laid out my goals for the remainder of the year. Let’s see how I did:

  1. Time with family: yes.
  2. Help Mike and Zuzel finish their theses: mostly. Mike's is done, Zuzel's is close.
  3. The gym: epic fail.
  4. Three more lectures for Software Carpentry: only got two done. Funding: haven't started (worrying fail).
  5. Revitalize online run of the course: didn't happen. Organize next term's: 78 have filled in registration so far.
  6. Wrap up my dad's book: check.
  7. Publicize Making Software: I've done what I can (including last week's webinar).
  8. Start editing The Architecture of Open Source Applications: check, though chapters are still coming in.
  9. Finish one of the children's books I've got on the go: complete fail.
  10. Wrap up the undergrad projects I'm supervising: check

Total: 8/14 (since some bullets are actually several things). Here’s hoping for a higher score in 2011…