AOSA Update

The Architecture of Open Source Applications is in its final stretch (I hope). We’ve got most or all of what we need from:

  • Asterisk: Russell Bryant
  • Audacity: James Crook
  • Bash: Chet Ramey
  • Battle for Wesnoth: Richard Shimooka and David White
  • Berkeley DB: Keith Bostic and Margo Seltzer
  • CMake: Bill Hoffman and Ken Martin
  • Continuous Integration: Titus Brown and Rosangela Koening Canino
  • Drupal: Angela Byron
  • Eclipse: Kim Moir
  • Erlang: Francesco Cesarini, Andy Gross, and Justin Sheehy
  • Graphite: Chris Davis
  • HDFS: Sanjay Radia
  • Jitsi: Emil Ivov
  • LLVM: Chris Lattner
  • Mercurial: Dirkjan Ochtman
  • NoSQL: Adam Marcus
  • Packaging: Tarek Ziadé
  • Selenium: Simon Stewart
  • Sendmail: Eric Allman
  • Snowflock: Andres Lagar Cavilla and Roy Bryant
  • SocialCalc: Audrey Tang
  • Telepathy: Danielle Madeley
  • Thousand Parsec: Alan Laudicina and Aaron Mavrinac
  • VTK: Berk Geveci and Will Schroeder
  • Violet: Cay Horstmann
  • VisTrails: Juliana Freire, David Koop, and Claudio Silva

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