A Week of Public Accountability

I’m three weeks into 2011, and two weeks behind on everything. Where does the time go?

  1. I'm supposed to be working full-time on Software Carpentry, but between Jon Udell's visit, the architecture book (#2 below), and trying to help the professional master's students find internships (#3), I only booked 19 hours last week. Most of that was spent trying to raise more money, and trying to get people to contribute content. I did get some of the high-performance computing lecture drafted, though, thanks to help from Jonathan Dursi and Andrew Petersen, and I hope to post the first couple of episodes this week.
  2. The Architecture of Open Source Applications is winding down, but there's still a lot of editing to do, and several contributors to chase up (if only to confirm that they're not actually going to contribute).
  3. Last fall, the University of Toronto launched a new M.Sc. in Applied Computing. I finally got to meet the first six students a week and a half ago; they're an impressive bunch, but I was dismayed to discover that no one had done anything about lining up the eight-month internships that are supposed to be the core of their degree. I'll post again soon with a longer description of who they are and how they can help move new ideas and technology from academia into the real world.
  4. Ellen Hsiang has finished storyboarding the artwork for And Then..., a children's book about the history of, well, just about everything. We hope to have a draft of the book on the web in about a month.

Tomorrow’s another Monday; let’s see if the week coming up is more productive (sorry, if I’m more productive) than the three gone by.

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