Catalog Models Like Views and Controllers

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern is the bedrock of most modern applications: models are what’s stored, views are what’s presented, and controllers determine what can and can’t be done. There are tons of books out there that describe and catalog views, from Jeff Johnson’s GUI Bloopers to Yahoo!’s library and more. There’s another ton of books that document patterns for controllers: the Gang of Four book, Russ Olsen’s wonderful Design Patterns in Ruby, and on and on. But where are the catalogs for models? There are plenty of books about modeling, and even more about how to write SQL, but when it comes to actual models, the only resource I know is Len Silverston’s three part series. I’d really like a bunch of “blueprints” for common situations that I could use as starting points, just as I use the Visitor pattern as a starting point for managing algorithmic complexity.

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