Mostly Pleased, But...

We have started recruiting for the second volume of The Architecture of Open Source Applications, and while I’m mostly pleased with how it’s going, there’s one glaring problem. Here’s how the three collections I’ve edited in the past five years have broken down:

Title Female Male % Female
Beautiful Code 1 35 2.7%
Making Software 9 34 21%
AOSA 1 8 33 19.5%
AOSA 2 1 20 4.7%

Ouch—I was very pleased that MS and AOSA 1 weren’t as bad as BC, but right now, AOSA 2 isn’t where I’d like it to. Its contributors also almost all speak English as a first language, which isn’t representative of all the great open source work being done elsewhere. We’d welcome help addressing both problems…

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