Architecture Stats

In case you were wondering, The Architecture of Open Source Applications is now averaging about 4200 page views a day. (The stats are corrupted a bit by all the clone sites that have popped up and kept our Google Analytics Javascript in their page headers; I’ve tried putting a filter in place at GA to exclude them, but instead it excluded all data for a three-day period. #itshouldntbethishard)

In related news, translations are now under way in:

  • Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional)
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (both European and Brazilian)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

and we have the following chapters lined up for Volume 2:

Apache Derby Tiago Espinha
GDB Stan Shebs
The Glasgow Haskell Compiler Simon Peyton-Jones and Simon Marlow
GPSD Eric Raymond
Inkscape Jon Cruz
jQuery Addy Osmani
Iron Languages Jeff Hardy
ITK Luis Ibanez and Brad King
K-9 Mail Jesse Vincent
Mailman Barry Warsaw
matplotlib John Hunter
Open MPI Jeff Squyres
Parrot Christoph Otto
PostgreSQL Selena Deckelmann
Processing.js Mike Kamermans
Puppet Luke Kanies, Nigel Kersten, and James Turnbull
PyPy Benjamin Peterson
SQLAlchemy Michael Bayer
Twisted Jessica McKellar
Yesod Michael Snoyman
ZeroMQ Martin Sustrik

Many thanks as always to Amy Brown, my tireless co-editor, for organizing this.

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