Home Again

It’s good to be home… We enjoyed our time in San Francisco, and I think the workshop at CEF’11 went well, but the real point of the trip was to visit my parents and my sister. We got there the same day she and her oncologist decided that she would stop doing chemotherapy: the time she was losing to nausea and fatigue outweighed the likely extension to her lifespan. So we hung out and talked, and saw the touristy things we usually see, and hung out and talked some more, and then Sadie and Maddie came home, and I did some yard work for my dad (yes, I can use a chainsaw when required to), and then I visited UVic and met Jorge and Val’s new baby Aurora, but hanging over all of it is the thought that she’s just forty five, and parents should ever outlive their kids, and—and like I said, it’s good to be home. I expect to head back in about eight weeks, which is all the time the doctors are currently think she has.

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