Today Was a Good Day

Sadie and I went out to Table 17 for our anniversary last night while Dee babysat Madeleine. The food was delicious, and afterward, we walked home along Queen Street, stopping off at Film Buff for ice cream (Sadie) and key lime soda (me). I woke up around 5:30 (damn that internal alarm clock), worked on Lernanta for half an hour, then went downstairs and started sorting out the basement (which has been on my to-do list since Christmas).

Sadie and Maddie woke up around 8:00; we left the house a bit before 9:00 to get cranberry rolls, almond croissants, coffee, and lemonade (for Maddie) at Voulez Vous, then headed downtown so that I could collect the last of my stuff from the Scimatic office on Spadina. Once the car was loaded we walked up to Kensington Market to pick up some groceries; the high point for Maddie was roaring up and down the purple accessibility ramp at The Fairies Pyjamas.

It was already 30° by the time got home, having stopped at the Paint Depot on Queen St. to pick up a half gallon of pale yellow and another half of pale purple, plus some brushes and rollers. I went back downstairs (the basement really was a mess) while Sadie and Maddie went up to the study to tarp, tape, and paint. Two hours and a hasty lunch later, I started on the garage, which was in even worse shape than the basement. We had a bit of a scare mid-afternoon when Maddie took a tumble on the stairs, but other than a couple of bruises and a bit lip it turned out to be nothing that a cuddle from mummy, a freezie, and some TV couldn't fix.

We wrapped up around four o'clock. I called my sister while Sadie was showering: her oldest son heads back to RMC early tomorrow morning. She probably won't see him again (even though the oncologist is now saying she could make it to the end of October), so of course we talked about everything else1. Afterward, Sadie, Maddie, and I ambled up to Regency for dinner around 5:00 for some of Toronto's best chana masala. We got home in time to watch a Tinker Bell movie before bed, which, considering that it portrays TB as a bit of a nerd, was a pretty good end to the day for all three of us. And yeah, the study needs its second coat, we need to find someone to paint the trim (I'm incompetent, and Sadie hates doing it), the chest of drawers that's half-blocking the basement hall needs to come up and go out, I still haven't figured out where to put the bike hangers in the garage, and life is so short it's all I can do sometimes not to weep, but it was still a really, really good day.

1)We've been kicking all kinds of questions back and forth, like, "What's your earliest memory of ice cream?" and, "What do you think your kids will remember most about you?" The most recent was, "OK, so assuming you make it, what would you like Saint Peter to say to you when you reach the Pearly Gates?" The best answer so far has been, "Hi, boss."

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