AOSA Volume 2 Roster

Volume 2 is going to be another great book:

  1. Apache Derby: Tiago Espinha
  2. Diaspora: Sarah Mei
  3. Distributed Systems: Kate Matsudaira
  4. Erlang/OTP: Elise Huard
  5. FreeRTOS: Christopher Svec
  6. GDB: Stan Shebs
  7. GPSD: Eric Raymond
  8. Git: Susan Potter
  9. Glasgow Haskell Compiler: Simon Peyton-Jones and Simon Marlow
  10. ITK: Brad King and Luis Ibanez
  11. Inkscape: Jon Cruz
  12. Iron Languages: Jeff Hardy
  13. K-9 Mail: Jesse Vincent
  14. Linux distro: Allison Randal
  15. Mailman: Barry Warsaw
  16. MediaWiki: Guillaume Paumier, Sumana Harihareswara, Erik Möller, and Brion Vibber
  17. Moodle: Tim Hunt
  18. Mozilla build and release: John O'Duinn and others
  19. OSCAR: Jennifer Ruttan
  20. Open MPI: Jeff Squyres
  21. OpenStreetMap: Harry Wood
  22. Parrot: Christoph Otto
  23. PostgreSQL: Selena Deckelmann
  24. Processing.js: Mike Kamermans
  25. Puppet: James Turnbull, Luke Kanies, and Nigel Kersten
  26. PyPy: Benjamin Peterson
  27. SQLAlchemy: Michael Bayer
  28. Sakai: Ian Boston
  29. ScummVM: Eugene Sandulenko
  30. Twisted: Jessica McKellar
  31. Yesod: Michael Snoyman
  32. Yocto: Flanagan Elizabeth
  33. ZeroMQ: Martin Sustrik
  34. database evolution: Sheeri Cabral
  35. jQuery: Addy Osmani
  36. matplotlib: John Hunter
  37. nginx: Andrey Alexeev

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