Feedback from Alberta

Our two-day workshop at the University of Alberta wound up a couple of hours ago. We had quite a few no-shows this time (which was annoying, given how many people were waitlisted), but those who did come seemed to get a lot out of it:

Good Bad
  • Room
  • Mix of talking & doing
  • Stickies
  • Version control
  • Hands on
  • Link on online video
  • Python
  • Clear speaking
  • Computer in lab (using linux)
  • Automatic versioning
  • Programming in windows in Cygwin
  • Philosophy
  • Discussion of productivity
  • Good reading suggestions
  • Functional programming
  • Overall workflow
  • I feel more competent (morale boost)
  • Researched anectodes, backed with data
  • Website
  • TDD
  • Instructor's body language
  • Helpers
  • Coffee hard
  • Need more projectors
  • Having to keep stickies
  • No testing
  • Not enough depth
  • Not convinced about version control
  • Too fast on day 1, too slow on day 2
  • Need levels
  • Came late
  • Not enough Python
  • No lunch
  • No time for notes
  • More version control
  • Too short break
  • No shows
  • Pace (a little fast)
  • Supervisor wasn't here (need to convince her)
  • Where is the code (dropbox?)
  • Bad chairs
  • Windows alienation
  • Mailing list
  • Making DB (no info)

Many thanks to Rose, Neil, and Paul for making it possible.

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