Feedback from the University of British Columbia

Aaaand that's a wrap in Vancouver, ladies and gentlemen: our workshop at the University of British Columbia seems to have gone well:

Good Bad
  • clarity
  • data management
  • sticky notes
  • workflow
  • overview/coverage
  • resources
  • coffee/snacks
  • exercises
  • how to use programming correctly
  • learning terminal
  • testing
  • learning science
  • Python
  • helpers
  • one step further
  • version control
  • modules on website
  • anecdotes
  • general philosophy (organic)
  • not enough Python
  • too fast (esp 2nd day)
  • hands-on (second day)
  • needed warmup primer
  • Greg's jokes
  • resources (overwhelming)
  • text editor
  • software install issues
  • too short
  • crossover confusion
  • too much on data management
  • communication prior to course (software install)
  • screen real estate
  • more version control
  • why better than MATLAB
  • mystify setup

That's my last road trip until mid-July—it's good to have ended this round on a high note. My thanks again to Ian Mitchell, Adina Chuang Howe, and everyone else who helped or attended.

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