An Apology to the OSC (was: Calling All [Male] Junior Aerospace Engineers)

We received an email from the Ontario Science Centre this morning about their upcoming sleepover camps. It said:

SPACE ODYSSEY: Families, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and all other groups Calling all junior aerospace engineers and mission specialists! Come to a fun-filled night of space exploration. Blast off for an out-of-this-world overnight experience! ASTRONOMY ACES: Sparks, Brownies & Guides Reach for the stars and become a real Astronomy Ace as you gaze out at our galaxy and explore the night sky! Cap off your cool cosmic adventure by dancing your heart out at the DJ/PJ party!

For those who aren’t from around here, Beavers etc. are for boys, who are being invited to come and be aerospace engineers, while Sparks etc. are for girls, who are welcome to look at the night sky and dance. I’ve mailed to ask whether girls can be engineers too; I’ll let you know what they say.

Later: and here’s what they said—long story short, the Scouts are co-ed, but the Guides have a girls-only policy for overnight events, and the wording for the events was taken from the Scouts’ and Guides’ own material. My apologies to the Ontario Science Centre for not waiting until I heard back from them before writing this post…

Whereas Girl Guides is a girls-only organization, Scouts Canada is co-ed. We separate the dates for the two main groups because Girl Guides of Canada have their own policies on participating in female-only overnight events. Girl Guide groups are always welcome to attend any of our Sleepover events if the dates or program appeals to them. The themes are established each year to coincide with Science Badges in the two different organizations. The Leaders have told us that they really appreciate that our program is a unique way for the participants to work towards earning a badge. When we develop the Sleepover activities, we use the Scouts Canada Badge Requirements; and the Girl Guide Badge Requirements as tools to create the content that will be most suitable to their needs. We often also use wording similar to theirs to reflect this alignment. This is the reason why, and the only reason why, there are two distinct themes. The other elements of our Sleepover program - the film; exploration of the Science Centre; the DJ/PJ party; are offered on all of our Sleepover dates for all participants. We do have information that speaks to this on the website, but did not include this level of detail in the email that we sent.