Five Things

Inspired (as always) by Geeky Mom, here are:

Five things I'm thankful for this week:

  1. Tobogganing with my daughter (I got to go four times, and I got to be the toboggan on a couple of runs).
  2. A warm house afterward.
  3. And warm food.
  4. Stark Tower Defense.
  5. Public libraries.

Five things I want to do

  1. Catch up with Software Carpentry email.
  2. Take my Australian visitors out for dinner (this will be a lot easier than #1).
  3. Write my daughter a "science fairies" story. (If I had more time, it'd be a story about a robot fairy princess pirate dinosaur ninja from outer space who plays guitar, but I gotta be realistic here...)
  4. Put together a five-minute talk explaining why a tool to merge PowerPoint slide decks is a key enabler of a better-than-MOOCs future for education.
  5. Finish reading The Last Policeman.

Five interesting things I found this week:

  1. "Invisible Animals"
  2. "How to Cut a Pizza"
  3. "The Cambist and Lord Iron"
  4. "Data Sharing and Management Snafu in Three Short Acts"
  5. "America's Real Criminal Element: Lead"

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