This Is Why I Don't Write Any More

Thursday: fly to Montreal for PyCon.

Friday: give a talk at McGill.

Saturday: tell people at PyCon what I know about education.

Sunday: help Michael DiBernardo run a reviewing sprint on 500 Lines or Less, the fourth volume in The Architecture of Open Source Applications, then forget to mention him by name in a lightning talk about the project. (Sorry, man...)

Monday: teach a one-day version of our instructor training course while a dozen other people are teaching three Software Carpentry bootcamps in parallel and a bunch of volunteers are sprinting to gather names and genders of speakers at computing conferences so that we can track changes in gender balance over time for each.

Tuesday: catch up on email during the second day of bootcamps while other volunteers are hacking on the turtle graphics library for the IPython Notebook that Cam Macdonell's students built at MacEwan University this term. As I'm doing that, I get mail from a prof at Concordia University asking me what I think of the work Tavish Armstrong and his friends did on NBDiff, and another message telling me that our bootcamp in California for women in science and engineering has been a smash hit.