Please Help Trans Tech

Naomi Ceder's talk at PyCon 2014 about her transition from male to female was the highlight of the conference for a lot of people. She recently posted this; I think it's a great cause, and they'd be grateful for your support.

Un- or under-employment. Harassment and violence. Suicide. These were the sobering possibilities I considered as I prepared to transition, the risks that I run as a transgender woman in our society. And as frightening as those prospects were and are for me, they are orders of magnitude worse for trans people who are young, who are poor, who are people of color, who are female, and/or who lack access to education, job skills, and employment.

The statistics are grim, to say the least - according to the Gay and Lesbian Task force:

  • 15% of the sample population earns less than $10K per year (an additional 21% earns less than $20K).
  • 78% of transgender Americans faced severe harassment during childhood.
  • 41% had attempted suicide, compared to the general population, where only 1.6% have attempted suicide.

That is why I want you to know about Trans Tech, a tech skills training academy in Chicago focussing on trans people. I'm currently on their advisory board and their 15k in 15 Days Committee, and today is my day. My goal is to help raise at least $1,000 to help launch their new program to address unemployment in the transgender community.

The TransTech Apprenticeship is meant to equip people with skills for Graphic Design and Web Coding, while they work on real life paid projects. It's a win-win - the students get experience and build a work portfolio, while members of the community can access their services at very reasonable rates. And any profits go back to support the program.

So yes, I'm asking you to donate to this cause, or at least to share this campaign in your networks. The tech world has been good to me, and I want other trans folk to get a start in it as well. I hope you feel the same.

Please check out our funding page, which has a video (featuring me!) that explains the project a bit more. And for even more information, please visit or ping me.

And then please donate and share.