Welcome Our New Instructors

We are very pleased to welcome a new batch of instructors to our team:

Russell Alleen-Willems Catalina Anghel Christie Bahlai
Piotr Banaszkiewicz Miguel Bernabeu Chelsea Chisholm
Michael Crusoe Aaron Erlich Xu Fei
Philip Fowler Luiz Irber Christian Jacobs
David Jones Jeremiah Lant Johnny Lin
Elijah Lowe Lauren Michael Simon Michnowicz
Erika Mudrak Ian Munoz Jeramia Ory
John Pearson Stefan Pfenninger Françoise Provencher
Scott Ritchie James Robinson Rosario Robinson
Leigh Sheneman Clare Sloggett Mike Smorul
Margaret Staton Svaksha Scott Talafuse
Vicky Varga Easton White Jason Williams
Kara Woo Thomas Wright

In the wake of posts about Shopify's support for white nationalists and DataCamp's attempts to cover up sexual harassment
I have had to disable comments on this blog. Please email me if you'd like to get in touch.