What's In Your Bag?

What do you have in your knapsack when you travel to teach a workshop? My list is:

  • cough drops
  • spare t-shirt (and deodorant)
  • a variety of video adapters
  • spare power adapter
  • laptop stickers
  • toothbrush (or mouthwash, or something of similar utility)
  • granola bar (or some other snack)
  • my daughter's latest art project
  • Eno (or other antacid, because road food)
  • sticky notes
  • business cards

Other people at this week's instructor training session added:

  • a printed copy of notes (for reference during teaching)
  • insulated cup for tea/coffee
  • spare glasses/contacts
  • paper (notebook) and pen
  • a Chromecast for streaming
  • some sort of WiFi hub (in case networking in the room isn't working)

What else do you take, and why?

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