Teaching Tech Together

I am pleased to announce the publication of Teaching Tech Together, a guide to building and delivering lessons that work, and creating a teaching community around them. This book is a much-expanded successor to How to Teach Programming (and Other Things); as its blurb says:

Hundreds of grassroots groups have sprung up around the world to teach programming, web design, robotics, and other skills outside traditional classrooms. These groups exist so that people don’t have to learn these things on their own, but ironically, their founders and instructors are often teaching themselves how to teach.

There’s a better way. Just as knowing a few basic facts about germs and nutrition can help you stay healthy, knowing a few things about psychology, lesson design, inclusivity, and community organization can help you be a more effective teacher. This book presents evidence-based practices you can use right now, explains why we believe they are true, and points you at other resources that will help you go further.

Parts of the book were originally written for Software Carpentry’s instructor training program, which has been run over a hundred times in the past six years. You can share and remix all of the book’s material under the Creative Commons - Attribution 4.0 (CC-BY) license; digital versions can be downloaded for free, and printed versions can be purchased at cost.

Teaching Tech Together

Teaching Tech Together is a community resource like the Carpentries’ lessons, Wikipedia, and open source software. Fixes and additions are welcome from everyone; please see this page for guidance on how to contribute, and for our contributors’ code of conduct.

This book would not exist without the hard work and feedback of Erin Becker, Azalee Bostroem, Hugo Bowne-Anderson, Neil Brown, Gerard Capes, Francis Castro, Warren Code, Ben Cotton, Richie Cotton, Karen Cranston, Katie Cunningham, Natasha Danas, Matt Davis, Neal Davis, Mark Degani, Michael Deutsch, Brian Dillingham, Kathi Fisler, Auriel Fournier, Bob Freeman, Nathan Garrett, Mark Guzdial, Rayna Harris, Ahmed Hasan, Ian Hawke, Felienne Hermans, Kate Hertweck, Toby Hodges, Dan Katz, Christina Koch, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Colleen Lewis, Lenny Markus, Sue McClatchy, Ian Milligan, Lex Nederbragt, Aleksandra Nenadic, Jeramia Ory, Joel Ostblom, Elizabeth Patitsas, Aleksandra Pawlik, Sorawee Porncharoenwase, Emily Porta, Alex Pounds, Thomas Price, Danielle Quinn, Ian Ragsdale, Erin Robinson, Rosario Robinson, Ariel Rokem, Pat Schloss, Malvika Sharan, Florian Shkurti, Juha Sorva, Tracy Teal, Tiffany Timbers, Richard Tomsett, Preston Tunnell Wilson, Matt Turk, Fiona Tweedie, Allegra Via, Anelda van der Walt, Stéfan van der Walt, Belinda Weaver, Hadley Wickham, Jason Williams, John Wrenn, and Andromeda Yelton. I am grateful to them, to Lukas Blakk for the cover image, and to everyone who has used this material over the years; any mistakes that remain are mine.

This book is dedicated to my mother, Doris Wilson,
who taught hundreds of children to read and to believe in themselves,
and to my brother Jeff, who did not live to see it finished.
"Remember, you still have a lot of good times in front of you."

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