Ten Simple Rules for Creating an Effective Lesson

I am putting together a short guide to creating effective lessons, and would be grateful for feedback. If you are comfortable with LaTeX and GitHub, you can read the source at https://github.com/gvwilson/10-lesson and submit issues or pull requests. If you prefer PDFs and email, you can download the current rough draft and send me comments.

  1. Use learner personas to define your audience.
  2. Encourage effective learning strategies
  3. Write summative assessments to set concrete goals.
  4. Write formative assessments for pacing, design, preparation, and reinforcement.
  5. Design for peer instruction.
  6. Use worked examples and concreteness fading.
  7. Show how to detect, diagnose, and correct common mistakes.
  8. Motivate and avoid demotivating.
  9. Make lessons inclusive.
  10. Design for collaboration with other instructors.

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