Harper: Lesson Discovery and Aggregation

After feedback from several people, I have updated the proposal for a lesson discovery and aggregation system (now called “Harper”) and put it in its own page. The key differences between this version and earlier ones are:

  1. This version is much shorter.
  2. It describes a workflow people can use to ask authors and instructors to register their lessons.
  3. It focuses on what instructors would need to re-interpret and remix lessons rather than deliver them as-is.
  4. Some of the background thinking has been stripped out; if you want the whole story, please see these three posts.

If you can spare 15 minutes, please have a look at the lesson discovery file in the proposal and let me know what you think:

  • Would you write one?
  • Would you know how to write one?
  • Would the people you teach with be willing and able to write one? (This is probably the most important question.)
  • Is there anything you absolutely, positively need as an instructor that isn’t included in this proposal?
  • Is there anything you believe is unworkable (such as inferring prerequisites from terms that are used but not defined)?

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