Bottle of Light

Scholastic published a book of mine titled Bottle of Light back in 2008 as part of a reluctant reader program—it wasn’t ever available directly to the public, but every once in a while I get a mail like this from a teacher whose class has enjoyed it, and it makes my day.

Hello Greg,

My grade six class just finished reading your novel “Bottle of Light” and they loved it but they were also disappointed with the ending. We have so many questions about what happens next with Zumu, Iji and the rest of the villagers. Will the light last forever? Do the villagers believe Zumu and his story? Can 20717 be fixed? Do they fix Mr. Fing and give him a new brain? Do they move to a new town now that there is light? Do the robots and the villagers get along together?

We are crossing our fingers for a sequel! :)

Sincerely, the grade 6 class

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