My daughter was asked to pick an ecosystem and write a paragraph about it, then make a list of things she learned while doing the assignment. She had exactly the same homework last year, so after thinking for a moment about resubmitting the same work (and being told “no”), we got this:

The ecosystem I have chosen to study is the Moon. Nothing lives there, which makes it the simplest possible ecosystem to analyze. (It easier to understand a parked car with its engine off than a big truck hurtling down the highway with a mad clown at the steering wheel.) There are no producers, consumers, or decomposers on the Moon except maybe for whatever food or poop the astronauts left behind, so the nutrient cycle is about as basic as it can be. Climate change hasn’t had an impact that we know of.

What I learned:

  • There are no whales on the Moon.
  • There are also no trees.
  • Which means there is also no deforestation.
  • Or predators.
  • Probably because there is no prey for them to eat.
  • No native species are listed as “endangered”.
  • Yet.

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