Save the Humans

My whole family has enjoyed the Kingdom Rush family of games from Ironhide Games, but having played all four versions from start to finish a couple of times, I’m ready for something different. My first thought was a multiplayer version in which each player can either send troops against their opponents or build towers to defend their territory; that morphed into a game where you’re building towers to defend traders, pilgrims, and other travellers from floods, bandits, wild animals, and other calamities.

But then I remembered a discussion I had with my daughter several years ago, and what I now can’t get out of my mind is a quarter-baked plan for a game called Save the Humans. It’s set in a zoo. The robots have risen (or zombies are attacking—take your pick), and it’s up to the zoo animals to save the visitors who are now running around in a panic.

Each kind of animal has its own special power. For example, the bunnies are so cute that people will follow them wherever they go, but if they actually catch up with the bunny, they will then just stand there petting it until the zombies (or robots) catch up with them. Tigers, on the other hand, are really good at getting humans to run away from them, but they’ll be so scared that they’ll run straight into the arms of the villains. Elephants can knock down barriers but might accidentally squish the people they’re supposed to save, and so on.

I know ideas are cheap, especially ones as vague as this, but I think it could be fun, and I’d like to see more games where you’re trying to save people instead of slaughter them. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think someone is setting up a round of Pandemic

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