Hi Greg, It's Your Conscience Speaking

Hey Greg.

Hi, Conscience. We haven’t spoken in a while…

No worries. How’s work?

Busy busy busy. 75 people have certified as RStudio instructors so far this year, and our interns did some great stuff this summer.

Sounds like you’ve had your hands full.

Just trying to stay out of trouble. Did I mention that Teaching Tech Together is being translated into Spanish?

I don’t think so…

I’m not able to contribute, but it’s great to see, and I’ve been helping with LaTeX and other stuff. Oh, and we’re about to deliver the book on research software engineering—it should go to the publisher some time in the next few weeks.


Thanks—Damien Irving, Kate Hertweck, Luke Johnston, Joel Ostblom, and Charlotte Wickham have all done great work, and it’s been a genuine pleasure to work with them. But it was still nice to get back to coding on TidyBlocks for a bit.

Maya’s intern project from last summer?

That’s the one. She and Justin Singh and I rebuilt it—simplified code generation, gave it a React UI, the whole works. People have started translating it, which I’m very grateful for, though we still need to figure out what blocks to add so that people can actually teach data science with it. I’m also trying to figure out if there’s a way to connect it to Glosario.

Uh, what?

An open source glossary of data science terms that can be used interactively and to help make lessons more findable. Ian Flores Siaca, François Michonneau, and Zhian Kamvar have made it an R package and are working on a Python version as well. It gave Ian something to do while we were waiting on ethics approval for the research study.


—research study, yeah. He’s looking at how data scientists find errors in data analyses; Kelly Bodwin, Amelia McNamara, Allison Theobold, Philipp Buckhardt, and Rebecca Nugent are all helping out. Derek Robinson at the University of Victoria is going to replicate the study in Python, which should give us even more insight.

You have been busy.

Right? That’s why it’s taken so long to wrap up the papers on making research results more findable and how researchers can stay safe online. But at least the one on live coding is done: Lex Nederbragt did most of the heavy lifting on that one with me, Alison Hill, and Rayna Harris as the backup band.

You’re mixing your metaphors.

Sorry about that. Anyway, what’s up?

I was just going to ask how your new year’s resolution not to take on too many things was going, but it sounds like this isn’t the right time. I’ll check in again next year.

Wait—I forgot to mention the mentorship program!

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