Managing Research Software Projects Workshop


I am running an online workshop on “Managing Research Software Projects” from 10:00-14:00 Toronto time on Sep 29-30 to raise money for MetaDocencia, an inclusive and collaborative community that improves education by empowering instructors from underserved countries. The workshop introduces the ideas and tools you need to manage a team of up to a dozen people working together to build research software. The workshop is intended for new faculty who are setting up their labs, the creators of open source projects that now have other contributors, and everyone else who finds themselves wrangling people and deadlines as well as code. Topics will include:

Tickets and details are available at - I hope to see you there.

If your company would like to sponsor this workshop, the best way is to purchase tickets for people who couldn’t otherwise take part—please contact me for details, and thank you in advance.

Learner Persona

Jo, 31, completed a PhD in geology several years ago and now works for a national laboratory. The fracture modeling software they wrote in grad school is now being used by two dozen research groups around the world, several of which have started contributing fixes and extensions of varying quality. Jo has just been given a post-doc and a junior programmer to expand the code as well, and wants to learn how to decide which pull requests are safe to merge, decide what’s most important to work on next, and handle people who spend more time arguing on Slack than they do writing code. This workshop will show them what a healthy mid-sized project looks like and how to manage both staff and external contributors.