Would You Take This Class?


I plan hope to spend February and March revising the Python version of Software Design by Example. I’m thinking about creating a slide deck for each of the chapters to help me do that—boiling things down to point form helps me see what’s out of order or missing entirely. The best way to test a slide deck is to teach from it, so I’d like to know who’d be interested in an hour-a-week online class that taught participants how to build a dozen applications from the list below in Python:

  • a testing framework
  • an interpreter
  • a versioned file backup system
  • a file cache
  • a dataframe
  • an object persistence framework
  • a binary storage framework
  • a build manager
  • a static site generator
  • a page layout engine
  • a text editor
  • a web server
  • a package manager
  • a regular expression matcher
  • a regular expression parser
  • a style checker
  • a virtual machine
  • a debugger

The cost would be a donation equivalent to a day’s pay to a mutually-agreed charity. Breaking that down:

If you’re interested, please let me know; if a dozen people are willing to commit, I think it would be a lot of fun.

Who Is This Class For?

These three personas define this class’s intended audience:

Slicing another way, participants should be able to: