Head Rush Black Belt Secret Hacks of the [buzzword] Zen Masters!

You can tell book publishers are feeling insecure because they’re trying to sell us insecurity. O’Reilly books used to be called “Learning This” and “Programming That”; now, we have “Missing Manuals” (what does the geek in the cubicle next to yours know that you don’t, and is it going to cost you your job????) and “Hacks” (caution: you must be wearing really cool sunglasses in order to appreciate this book). And the frequency of extreme sports anecdotes just goes up and up and up (I must be cool, because I kayak—buy this book, you worthless worm, and maybe some of it will rub off on you).

Who do I talk to about this? Who do I write, call, email, or message to say, “It isn’t working”?