On My Way To SIGCSE'08

0515: Madeleine wakes up, so we do too.

0516: Discover that the “make louder” control is right next to the “alarm off” control on the clock radio. Sorry, Sadie.

0655: Realize that I left my business cards in the office. Again.

0730: Still in line at Pearson. Paul’s daughter Sage does not want to be made into chili.

0745: Still in line at Tim Horton’s.

0800: Yes, they still charge for wireless at Pearson. Way to be a world-class technology hub, Toronto.

0920: Rewriting an ITCDF funding proposal. Can’t see an unused electrical outlet for recharging my laptop. Way to etc., Toronto.

11130: lunch is a raspberry smoothie and a small pizza at O’Hare in Chicago. I’ve written half the ITCDF proposal, but need to finish the modules chapter for the CS1-in-Python book to print in Portland. Why isn’t wireless free? Why can’t people install electrical outlets for laptop users?

1400 (local time): on the ground in Portland. Modules chapter isn’t finished-finished, but it’s finished enough.

1520: PDF and cover art are on there way to Jeff at Documart; should have 50 copies to hand out at SIGCSE tomorrow. Hungry. Sky is gray, but there are blossoms on the cherry trees, and no snow.

1730: Get in line for on-site registration.

1750: The guy in front of me who’s angry about being told that it wouldn’t cost more to register on site, but jeez, he’s not sure he kept the email to forward to the guy behind the desk who’s sure that no one would have told him that, and hey, you’re using HTTPS for conference registration, right, because he doesn’t want his credit card information flying around through the air for anyone to read, is still angry.

1800: Still in line.

1810: Registered—but yup, the guy keying in the data from the paper form I had to fill out forgot to key in that I wanted a printed copy of the proceedings to read. Not getting back in line for it.

1815: It has started to rain. Jennifer and I will collect Michele and then find something to eat.

1930: Freckled lemonade… mmm…

2010: It takes two minutes and ten seconds to sing all four verses of “Personal Penguin” to my daughter over the phone. Time for bed.

0215: Why am I awake? sigh

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